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Terry Farrell
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Jadzia Dax

TerryFarrell: Hello?

Moderator: We are taking questions for Terry Farrell. Michael Dorn will be here after Terry...

WebBuildr: (send your questions for Terry as private messages to Moderator)

Moderator: <Alpha2>: Terry, is it true that you will leave DS9 ?

TerryFarrell: Yes. My contract's finished.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Sydney>: Terry, what do you think of all the attention the females on the ST series are getting?

TerryFarrell: I think it's wonderful. There are so many strong characters in the Star Trek world. And I'm proud to have played one.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <brain>: how does it feel being married on TV to Worf (Michael Dorn(?

TerryFarrell: Well, I'm going to try to enjoy the next week of it. I'll miss him!

TerryFarrell: And it's a good thing we're friends.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <JM>: How are they going to handle your departure on the show? Death or reassignment?

TerryFarrell: I don't know yet. They're in the process of rewriting the script.

TerryFarrell: I requested not to die so I could return at another time, but it's beyond my control.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <TNT>: Will Dax be remaining with another actress or written out totally?

TerryFarrell: I don't know.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Fenrir>: What will you do after Star Trek??????

TerryFarrell: Well, god willing, I'll get another job very soon in television or on the big screen. Just crossing my fingers right now, and thanking the Big Guy.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Alpha2>: what is your favourite episode of DS9 ?

TerryFarrell: "Rejoined" or my wedding episodes.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Doctor5>: what was the haredest thing you had to do in star trek ?

TerryFarrell: Hmm...

TerryFarrell: To decide to honor my contract and let it end at that.

Moderator: <Jester> to <Moderator>: what was it like kissing Kira Nerys ? Was it enjoyable?

TerryFarrell: It was not an easy decision, but that's the best one for my career at this time.

TerryFarrell: I never kissed Kira, but it's interesting you should look at it that way...

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Fenrir> : do you believe a bit in the ST philosophy???

TerryFarrell: With help from God and the collective and all of us doing our part to make it a possibility, yes, I do.

TerryFarrell: But we all have to take responsibility for being the best human beings we can be, and treating each other like the special creatures that we are.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Warp5>: was there anything in your personal life that you have used as a basis for Curzon Dax's character?

TerryFarrell: I never played Curzon per se, and thank God, because I've never been a man and I don't know how I'd go in that "direction."

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Sisko>: Do you ever look yourself up on the 'net?

TerryFarrell: No. I haven't gotten that far in my web searching. I think I'd be too afraid to see all the horrible things people say about me.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Profan> : have you been a trekkie bevor playing jadzia in ds9?

TerryFarrell: When I was in elementary school, I was a fan of the original series.

TerryFarrell: I wouldn't consider myself a trekkie, but I was a fan of the show.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <nuhui>: Do you know how your character is to be written out of the series? Any truth to the "Dax simbiant gets new host after Jadziah dies" rumor?

TerryFarrell: I don't know. I would like to be sent back to Trill, or maybe to the Federation on a separate mission so that I could come back at another time. I don't know when that would be exactly - maybe for the finale of the 7th season.

TerryFarrell: but I was told that they have to do whatever's best for the show.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <TNT>: How did you feel playing all of the different incarnations of Dax?

TerryFarrell: When I got a chance to actually do different things, I really enjoyed it very much.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Yoda13>: If you were given the oppertunity, would you accept a place on the cast of a DS9 movie?

TerryFarrell: Well, show me a script and I'll consider it.

* TerryFarrell smiles. *

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Sisko>: What would YOU like to see happen on the show?

TerryFarrell: To whom? Can you be more specific? I only have one more episode left and I don't know what that's about yet, so I can't project...

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Pentium>: What do you feel about Trills?

TerryFarrell: I don't know, they never really explored it enough.

TerryFarrell: And I never really met my parents, my family.

TerryFarrell: And everything's been so focused on the Klingon history my character has, rather than the Trill history, that I don't really know.

TerryFarrell: But we could make it up...

* TerryFarrell grins. *

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Axquat>: If you had to be locked in a room for 2 days with 1 person in the cast of DS9, who would you pick?

TerryFarrell: Colm Meaney.

Moderator: <Alpha2>: Terry, was it hard for you to learn a bit of the klingon language and the art of klingon fighting?

TerryFarrell: Because he makes me laugh and he's intelligent, he's a really interesing person.

TerryFarrell: Oooh....yes and no.

TerryFarrell: Yes, because it's foreign. And no, because it was fun to do.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Sybel>: When you were first given the part of Dax, what did you think of the character?

TerryFarrell: I was intrigued and very excited about the challenge.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Fenrir>: Are there parallels between Terry and Jedzia????

TerryFarrell: There are now.

* TerryFarrell smiles. *

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Alpha2>: do you like the klingon way of living?

TerryFarrell:'s a little too painful for my tastes.

TerryFarrell: I mean, I like the passion, don't get me wrong - but, ow!

* TerryFarrell laughs. *

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Krondor>: for Farrell what was your most embarassing event on the set?

TerryFarrell: Now why would I share that with you?!?

* TerryFarrell smiles. *

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Sisko>: What's your favorite alien race?

TerryFarrell: Trill. Duh!

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <sansker>: What did you think of the klingon wedding ritual?

TerryFarrell: I was a little ticked off that my family wasn't there. I know it was last minute, but it was like Worf's family and nobody there for me.

TerryFarrell: And Worf's family was against me. Hello!

TerryFarrell: So I had to kick a little butt to get him. And hey, he was mine to begin with!

TerryFarrell: What a head game!

TerryFarrell: Other than that, it was presents, no ring, but I'm married and he's mine. Deanna Troi, ha ha ha - can't touch him!

* TerryFarrell sings. *

TerryFarrell: Can't touch this!

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <IfStudent>: Have you ever been afraid of acting in a special scene, and (if yes) which one was it?

TerryFarrell: I was scared to work with Faye Dunaway. And I was right...I should've been scared, it was scary.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Sybel>: Do you think that perhaps Dax's past hosts are in a way aspects of your own personality, or do you have some 'past hosts' of your own to draw on?

TerryFarrell: Hmmm....well, Avery always asks me "how many personalities I have in my head."

TerryFarrell: The world may never know...

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Exocomb>: Did you get a chance to produce any of the episodes on DS9?

TerryFarrell: That option doesn't come up to produce for DS9, but maybe someday in my career I will produce. I would like that.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <Elydaor>: Terry ... What are u planning for your future?

Moderator: We will be taking two more questions for Terry...

TerryFarrell: I'm reading for projects right now. I've gotten close to a couple of things but they haven't worked out just yet. So I'm feeling very positive and I really believe the best thing for me will come my way and hopefully you'll all come see whatever that happens to be!

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: <AVWebmaster>: Will DS9 keep it open for you to come back as a guest star?

TerryFarrell: I don't know. I hope so. That would be nice, because I'll miss all my friends.

TerryFarrell: Because I love working with them.

TerryFarrell: .

Moderator: Thank you so much Terry...any last words for your fans?

TerryFarrell: Thank you so much for all your love and support. This has been the most incredible experience in my life to date. I may need some time to work out the rest of my career, but I will miss you all and, God willing, we will meet again.

TerryFarrell: Take care of each other and take care of yourselves,

Moderator: <Fenrir>: Do you know that your smile can make every man melt away, including klingon men?

TerryFarrell: and know that I will always appreciate all that you've given me.

TerryFarrell: Onward and upward.

TerryFarrell: Thank you, I appreciate that!

TerryFarrell: I wish it was melting human men, but that's cool...I'll take what I can get!

* TerryFarrell laughs heartily. *

Moderator: Thank you so much Terry...

Moderator: Don't forget we are chatting with William Shatner at 6:20 pm E.T..

Walker: bye Terry, we will miss u!


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